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An Example of Why Standard Operating Procedures Should Be Simple

  The weather is warming up here in South Africa, and I really feel spring fever approaching.  I love gardening, and decided that this year I’ll fertilize my lawn and garden beds with organic manure. I contacted various places for prices on their sifted manure, and decided to buy from a company not too far […]

Boost your business by creating effective systems

                Any business owner will be able to tell you that a business built on effective systems is far more successful than one that is not. The Business Directory defines a business system as a methodical procedure or process that is used as a delivery mechanism for providing […]

Your Top 5 Virtual Outsourcing Problems – Solved!

  This blog post is written for small business owners who are convinced that virtual service outsourcing is the right route to follow as the next step towards their business success. Although there are significant benefits to outsourcing (see The Top 8 Ways Small Business Owners can Benefit by Outsourcing), some problems may be experienced that […]

6 Reasons Why Things Go Wrong in a Small Business

It may seem discouragingly pessimistic to start the new year thinking about business failure. However, being aware of potential pitfalls help you avoid them in future. Areas where businesses seem to most often experience problems: 1.   A bad idea from the start Introducing a product or service for which there is neither need nor demand […]

The Basics of a Business Continuity Plan

  Any organization is at risk for the following: Natural disasters (floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, fire) Environmental disasters (like chemical spills) Accidents Sabotage Losing key personnel Cyber attacks and hacker activity Theft IT system crashes Power and energy disruptions Sadly, many small business owners never take the time to develop a plan to address disaster striking.  […]

The top 5 reasons why you cannot run your business alone

Sue started her own business 3 years ago.  She is really pursuing her passion, and loves working with her clients.  She considers her business as pretty successful.  She is free to make her own decisions, and her income is reasonably steady.  But over the past few months she has noticed that she is not so […]