Be more productive: Leave your desk!

When I’m swamped with work, I tend to sit in front of my computer for hours, yet I don’t feel that I’ve accomplished much because I’m not productive.

However, if I force myself to get up, whether it is to go for a walk, work on my latest craft, or just to hang around my co-workers for a time, my brain rests.

I am more creative, and can think more clearly of alternative ways in which to accomplish a daunting task when I return to my desk.

There are other benefits too.  If I decide to go for a walk outside, I am getting exercise, which stimulates the blood flow throughout my body, and gives me an overall sense of wellness.  The feeling of overwhelm dissipates with the sun on my face and the blood pumping vigorously through my veins.

If I decide to work on my latest craft, or do something that is stimulating, yet at the same time totally the opposite of what I was doing at my desk, I somehow reshuffle the way my brain functions.  I challenge myself to think of something totally different.  Even while thinking of something else, the solution for my current dilemma often pops into my mind uninvited!

Getting up from my desk and mingling with those who I am working with, also helps me get a hands-on feeling of what is going on.  I am able to see how processes are flowing, what problems are experienced, or ways in which things can be done differently.  This gives me the opportunity to improve my input so that my goals can be reached more effectively.  Giving my staff some time to vent their frustrations or joys in an informal way also helps them to feel more supported and appreciated, resulting in a higher output from them.

So next time you are overwhelmed or stuck in a rut, simply get up and leave your desk!  You will be amazed at how effectively you can increase your productivity in this way.

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