Productivity Analysis

Analyse and Discover the Way to Maximum Productivity.

Project and Team Support

You Come Up with the Project Idea and I’ll Execute It.

Human Resources Support

For Higher Productivity and Business Continuity.

Productivity Analysis

Analyse and Discover the Way to Maximum Productivity

To improve productivity, you must know exactly where you stand as well as exactly where you want to head. We help you to determine that through an efficiency and productivity analysis study, which will highlight where your resources are being drained.

Productivity Analysis

The analysis will cover all aspects of your business so that you can be sure that nothing is left to chance. We then recommend improvements or strategies to address those areas of reduced productivity. Once you know where you stand, we can assist you with implementing solutions to those areas of reduced productivity. Contact us to start your journey to being more productive. Enjoy the extra time and peace of mind you gain in the process, in addition to higher profits!

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Project and Team Support

You Come Up with the Project Idea and I’ll Execute It

Free yourself to concentrate on the creative tasks you enjoy doing in your business, and leave the virtual day-to-day management of projects, operations and team members up to me. I offer admin support packages based on YOUR unique needs. Make your life easier with key business systems customized, set up and managed to fulfil your needs.

You may have projects that are half-completed or put on the back burner simply because you do not have time to address them, although they could be essential to the growth of your business. Focus on your goals, and leave the administration to us. I will ensure that your documentation is up-to-date and that your stakeholders are informed at all times. Support can be offered in the following ways:

  • Assistance in developing the scope
  • Assistance in determining available resources
  • Set up an online project management system
  • Timeline adjustments and reporting
  • Set up and manage the project team
  • Documentation of all processes
  • Ensure everyone is informed
  • Compile project reports
  • Ensure a strategic plan is in place (and in use!)
  • Database setup and maintenance
  • Online calendar setup and maintenance
  • Accounting system setup and payment reminders
  • Customer service system
  • Internet marketing system
  • Backups
  • E-mail management/merge
  • Document routine processes or compile Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Create flowcharts to simplify and enhance Standard Operating Procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures for admin and HR
  • Implement automated business tools and software
  • Dubsado setup and management
  • Bitrix24 setup and management
  • Zoho setup and management
  • Insightly setup and management
  • Asana setup and management
  • Trello setup and management
  • Plutio setup and management
  • Track KPIs

Your website is often the first point of contact your potential clients have with you. If you would like to project a professional image, and at the same time attract more clients, we can help you. I can do the following for you:

  • Domain name registration and web activation
  • Source and manage web/developers, graphic designers, copywriters, etc. as needed
  • Website management/troubleshooting
  • Optimise SEO
  • Add Google Analytics or other statistical tools
  • Check for dead links and old data
  • Manage updates to website
  • Create and add opt-in forms for newsletters, etc.
  • Ensure all web pages view correctly in different web browsers

Human Resources Support

We provide human resources support for higher productivity and business continuity. Are your employees using the quickest and easiest way to complete their tasks? Correct job allocation, candidate selection, and training saves time. You also want to ensure continuity in the organisation. When certain individuals are not at work, someone should be able to step in and ensure the work progresses without any hiccups.

Human Resources Support that we provide:

  • Manage your virtual staff
  • Prepare a job profile for each job
  • Pre-screen resumes
  • Candidate follow-up and correspondence
  • Background/reference checks
  • Do a skills gap analysis
  • Create a training and development plan
  • Implement the training
  • Evaluate training received
  • Set up an orientation schedule for all new staff
  • Compile a workplace skills plan, which no manager should be without
  • Performance appraisals
  • Conduct a workplace climate audit

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