Systems: 3 Excuses for not setting them up

Creating systems in your business are crucial for survival and success, yet so many of us never get down to getting these into place.  We spin our wheels and get distracted and remain super busy, exhausting ourselves in the process. We are overwhelmed and our businesses suffer for it. Are you guilty of holding yourself back with any of the following excuses?

I read a while back that an excuse is just a lie we tell ourselves in order to feel better about not achieving as we should.

Excuse 1: Setting up a system is an overwhelming, hopeless chore

Reality: Setting up a system creates an ordered process. Once you have mastered a system, it becomes an exhilarating way of freeing yourself up and maintaining a steady course in a complex world. You may even consider it fun because it produces a gratifying sense of clarity, focus and accomplishment.

Excuse 2: It is impossible to stick to a system

Reality:  This could be true. It is impossible to stick to a system if…. your system is a poor fit for you and maintaining it is a difficult chore.

However, a well thought out system is sustainable. If you build your system around the way you think and design it to grow and adapt around your changing needs it will serve you for years to come.

Excuse 3: Creating systems is a non-productive use of time

Reality: You may feel that it would be more productive to call on customers, attend meetings, to write a proposal or even to catch up on your sleep.

In our fast-paced environment with more and more demands on our time and ability to make choices, those who have systems will thrive.  Those without systems will be disorganised and overwhelmed, unsure of which way to turn.  Eventually, they will flounder.

You cannot afford not to have business systems.  They are indispensable tools to keep you on track and to help you automatically execute tasks or outsource them so that you can focus on the more interesting aspects of your business.

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