Boost your business by creating effective systems


Any business owner will be able to tell you that a business built on effective systems is far more successful than one that is not.

The Business Directory defines a business system as a methodical procedure or process that is used as a delivery mechanism for providing specific goods or services to customers.

Creating effective business systems can be challenging for small business owners.  You may not have the time or inclination to develop systems.  However, if you are serious about business growth, you could consider outsourcing this function to someone that is knowledgeable in this area.  Alternatively, if you have enough in-house staff, you can delegate it to someone that is detail oriented, analytical, persistent and creative, and who does not have a full-time work load.

What would outsourcing your systems management entail?

  • Your key performance indicators will be identified
  • Areas of reduced productivity will be identified
  • Opportunities for improvement will be suggested
  • Your process documentation will be created (checklists, flowcharts, etc) to support the opportunities for improvement
  • You as business owner will approve all processes before they are released
  • Your staff will have an opportunity to contribute to these systems, and also be trained on how to use these systems once they are approved
  • Data will be collected data to monitor your key performance indicators
  • You will receive a reporting scorecard each month on how your business measures up to these key performance indicators.

How to keep on top of your systems development and implementation once you outsource it

  • There needs to be open communication and trust between you and the person working on your system
  • While a lot of the development and detail of creating systems is outsourced, as the business owner you are still responsible and accountable for what happens with regard to systems and processes.
  • A weekly status meeting will go a long way in helping you to catch up with what has been achieved, what has gone well, or areas where challenges or issues have developed.

The results of outsourcing systems development and implementation

  • You will have more time
  • You will increase your competitiveness
  • You will reap the financial rewards of the working systems and procedures
  • Your staff will be happier because they know what they are supposed to be doing
  • Your customers will be more satisfied at your consistent service and output
  • Your business continuity is ensured, because anyone can do the urgent tasks according to the set out procedures if a key staff member is ill or on leave.
  • You will be able to take your business to the next level because your systems and procedures are working.

Next steps

If you would like to find out more about how to improve your business systems, or if you are interested in outsourcing this function, please contact Virtual Productivity Solutions.  We will gladly assist you in this regard.

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