15 Golden Rules to be More Productive

There are many ways in which to increase productivity.  However, we sometimes get so side-tracked with our many daily demands, that we forget to think about them.  Here is a quick reminder of proven tips to increase productivity.


  • Set up a fixed daily routine.  Schedule definite times for routine matters such as meetings, going through the mail, communicating with your secretary, signing letters, etc.
  • Do the things which require maximum brain capacity when you are at your best.  Attend to minor business when your brain cannot cope with anything but small things.
  • Fix deadlines for all jobs.  Stick to them.  A task takes the time set aside for it.
  • Do not postpone important matters that are unpleasant.  You will reduce your creativity and working capacity.  Tasks rarely get more pleasant by being postponed.
  • Put off everything that is not important.  Many so-called problems have a tendency to solve themselves if you ignore them for a while.
  • Analyze your interruptions.  Take steps to avoid them/or diminish their effect.
  • Fix definite times when you do not want to be disturbed.  Hold meetings with yourself.  Put a please do not disturb sign on your door, with a note showing when you are available.
  • Do one thing at a time.  Keep an overview of the next job.
  • Plan your telephone calls. Make a brief note of what you want to say and what you want to find out.  It saves time for everybody and makes for better communication.
  • When you start a piece of work, finish it if possible. If you split it up too much, you lose track of its coherence, lose your overview and waste your time warming up each time you start again.
  • Use definite times/meetings for discussing routine matters with your colleagues.  You then avoid interrupting each other all the time, saving time.
  • Arrange your breaks at times when you cannot work effectively.  For instance when the people you have to talk with are not available, when the material you need is not ready, etc.
  • Be selective.  Learn to say no.  Get used to asking:  “Am I the right person for this task?”
  • Make it a regular rule to check your use of time.
  • Avoid taking work home unless you are certain you will do something about it.  It is much better to work longer at the office until you are finished.  You can then enjoy your leisure time more.

Of course, you can be more productive if you outsource non-core tasks, so that you can concentrate on the things you do best.  Contact Virtual Productivity Solutions for a free consultation to find out what you can outsource virtually, and how you can become more productive.

Are there any trust and proven tips that are not mentioned in this post?  Please feel free to share them below.

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