My productivity journey

In 1998, I started working at a newly formed directorate within a government department. The first day I walked into the office, there was not even a pen or computer available for me!  Yet, our director was an excellent leader with a very clear vision.  She was able to motivate the growing staff in such a way that the directorate became one of the most productive within government!  In fact, the staff were so motivated that they even spent some weekends working (unpaid), wanting to reach the goals of the directorate.  Close friendships formed between the staff members, and there was a general feeling of fun and goodwill at the office.  Most of the staff members were given merit awards and raises for their outstanding work yearly.

Having spent the prior 3 years temping for various companies in various industries, I started wondering how it was that some companies were highly productive and positive, while at other companies there was a high staff turnover with little productivity.  Was it only leadership?

When asked to do a training skills audit and organize the necessary training for the directorate, I started a study into productivity which led me to exciting discoveries regarding workplace productivity.  I wondered whether one could develop a system to analyze and correct areas of reduced productivity in an organization.  Over the next few years, I developed and refined this system and found it highly effective in all the organizations I was exposed to.

Just because something has always been done in a certain way, does not mean that I have to accept that way.  If I can think of a better way to do something, why not?

Having run my own business, I have come to hate any wastage in an organization, whether it involves money, manpower, machines, method or  materials.  To get the highest return of interest on your investment, should you not find ways in which to optimize your input?

I enjoy analysing and pulling apart and restructuring information.  So much more when it helps people to reach their goals of being more productive!

When analyzing an organization for reduced productivity, my report may upset certain individuals because I cannot compromise my integrity by coating the truth.  I do, however, try to tell the truth as gently as possible.

I believe that my system for analyzing productivity in an organisation is unique.  It is not only unique – it works!

I also enjoy overseeing the implementation of solutions to areas of reduced productivity.  I learn to know the people I work with well, and it is wonderful to see the change in morale when they suddenly realize that they are more productive!

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