5 Steps to creating effective business systems

What is a system?

A system is a way of doing things that helps you achieve a specific result.



systems flowchart

The diagram above describes what goes into achieving the results you want.

The Input is the resources that are available to your employees.

The Process refers to how these resources are best utilized to achieve your result.

The Result is what is achieved when you combine the resources and the process.

If your goal is slash costs, you must find a way in which to utilize your input in such a way that your goal is achieved more effectively.

Systems have the power to breathe life into your business – or to cripple it.  The secret to designing effective systems is to accurately predict the outcome of using them.

How to set up effective systems in your organization

Identify the existing good systems

Look for what people do in your organization that get the results that you want.

Find hidden, unintentional systems

You may have areas where you are not achieving the results you intended, or the results are not what you had hoped.  Look for the cause of the undesirable results.  Either get rid of the system or modify it until you achieve the expected outcome.

Create procedures for the existing systems that are effective

Find out exactly how your employees are achieving the desired results, and document them.  This does not have to all be done at once.  Target 3 systems that work a week, until they are all documented.

Create new systems

If you have to do something more than once, create a system for doing it effectively.

Evaluate your systems

Are all your systems achieving your goals?

If you need help in evaluating, setting up, and documenting systems for your organization, please do not hesitate to contact Virtual Productivity Solutions.  We would love to assist you!

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