Jayne Sim

I would recommend Sonja to anybody who is going to have a website.  She is so professional and helpful and patient.  I contacted her last year to do my first website.  While in the middle of my first website I had an accident at home and ended up in hospital for about 8 weeks.  I had to have part of my leg amputated but Sonja soldiered on and kept in touch with my housemate.  She was worried about me as well.  I came out of hospital and we kept in touch via email and eventually we settled on the website.  It went live.  It was an awesome website.  I then got better and then I knew what I wanted and how my website was going to look.  I then contact Sonja again and we discussed how I wanted it to look.  She gave me some ideas and we settled on the look and content.  I have to say it is the best ever.  (Yeah I suppose we all say that).  But I love my new website.  Thank you once again Sonja for your patience and advice.  Good luck.