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I have wonderful clients. Below is some feedback from them.

James Johns

No doubt will use your amazing services again. Very helpful thanks. Amazing!

Irene Liddle

Extremely delighted with the work carried out.

Ryan Wheeler

Thanks for the fantastic work Sonja – comprehensive, accurate and responsive – everything a client needs! Thoroughly recommended and will use you again.

Jayne Sim

I would recommend Sonja to anybody who is going to have a website.  She is so professional and helpful and patient.  I contacted her last year to do my first website.  While in the middle of my first website I had an accident at home and ended up in hospital for about 8 weeks.  I had to have part of my leg amputated but Sonja soldiered on and kept in touch with my housemate.  She was worried about me as well.  I came out of hospital and we kept in touch via email and eventually we settled on the website.  It went live.  It was an awesome website.  I then got better and then I knew what I wanted and how my website was going to look.  I then contact Sonja again and we discussed how I wanted it to look.  She gave me some ideas and we settled on the look and content.  I have to say it is the best ever.  (Yeah I suppose we all say that).  But I love my new website.  Thank you once again Sonja for your patience and advice.  Good luck.

Pam Garcia

Sonja has proved an invaluable support for our business. She is well organised and efficient and has proved herself capable of a broad range of tasks, including converting documents, trouble-shooting technical issues, scheduling and preparing rosters. She is also very patient with the technically inept. The best part is that when I email a task to her in the afternoon, the finished product is waiting for me in Dropbox early the next day. I would not hesitate to recommend Sonja to anyone wishing to hire a virtual assistant for their business.

Edward Stephens

Sonja was an exceptional consultant for my growing real estate brokering business. She helped us get our systems in order and helped us migrate to a new CRM platform that was a total game changer. Thank you, Sonja! I will definitely be working with you in the future!

Simone Mancuso

Sonja is extremely capable, honest, intelligent and a pleasure to work with.

Cliff and Marta Wilde

Great to work with, extremely personable. Cliff and Marta Wilde

Lee McIntyre

Really brilliant work that was delivered in a super fast manner. Very responsive, very professional, and the work delivered was of the highest standard. Highly recommended.

Laura Fagan

Wonderful Virtual Assistant. Very quick to learn, make suggestions and take a leadership role in my company. I would highly recommend!

Victor Espigares

Totally recommended to work with Sonja. She’s a superb communicator, very on top of things and super proactive. I’ll without a doubt work with her again. She’s a hidden gem, don’t hesitate to hire her for your next project!

Victor Espigares

Sebastian Johansson

Sonja takes initiative, is intelligent and easy to work with. Would recommend! Sebastian Johansson, Blue A Ltd

Chrissy Lim

Sonja did a wonderful job for us. She has an exceptional ability for recruitment and talent selection and is also a lovely person. Thank you for everything. Chrissy Lim, Paperplane

Patrick Hulsen

I’m really happy to work with you. I like your reactivity, professionalism and consistency in your work. Thanks a lot.

Clint Salter

Sonja is a hard worker, efficient and productive. An absolute pleasure to work with.

Audrius Macernis

Sonja is a great person to work with, will work in the future together again.

Loxley MacKenzie

Excellent work, very professional and efficient. Will go beyond the work brief to make sure the project is finished on time.

Kate Quinn

Sonja is a VA extraordinaire. Highly professional and polished in her communications and deliverables, she is on the ball with everything – meeting deadlines on time, while checking and clarifying to ensure she’s understood what needs to be done. She’s on time, on budget, and professional. Highly recommended!