False assumptions and thinking habits that hinder productivity

We all have false assumptions that have a negative impact on our productivity.  We may not even be aware of what we are doing, but that does not make them any less powerful.  We must recognize these false assumptions that are ruling our lives and make a conscious effort to let them go.

Here are a few assumptions:

  • The more you accomplish, the more worthy a person you are.
  • I’m the only one who can do it right.
  • I can do it all alone.
  • The busier you are, the more people respect you.
  • I’m a failure if my house is a mess.
  • I have to do everything perfectly or it doesn’t count.
  • I can manage time.

A few thinking habits that hinder productivity are:

  • Comparing ourselves to others who seem to be effortlessly productive.  This makes us lose focus of our own priorities.
  • Feeling guilty at all the “shoulds” and “ought to’s” that are not accomplished.
  • Making lame excuses to yourself for not setting up the time to organize your priorities.  Lee Silber said: “Dump the excuses.  They just get in the way of recognizing the important things, setting realistic priorities, and creating the life you want to be living.”
  • Fear of failure.

Warren Buffet said: “Bad habits are like chains that are too light to feel until they are too heavy to carry.” Don’t let your thinking habits become so heavy that your productivity suffers.

When you stop ordering your life in obedience to your personal set of false assumptions and bad thinking habits, you’ll find you have more time for your true priorities.

Take time to identify your false assumptions and bad thinking habits, so that you can address them.  Do you have any that you’d like to share?  You are welcome to add them in the comments section below.

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