Process improvement – NOT!

In the early 20th century someone said:  “Process improvement is the focused application of common sense.”

Yesterday I took my son to collect his ID document at the Department of Home Affairs.  We stood for over an hour in a row with only 4 people ahead of us until we were finally helped.  Because I was bored, I started reading the numerous signs that had been put up against the wall with all their rules and regulations.  These signs had been printed out on A4 computer paper and were stuck against the wall.

The first, dog-eared with age, struck me:


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Be more productive: Improve! Improve! Improve!

I love challenging the status quo – not just for the sake of changing things – but because there are always ways to do things better.  Here are some suggestions to improve your business productivity.

  • Start with yourself

Take some time away from slaving at your small business.  Step back.  Read. Ponder. Analyze. Plan.

Understand where productivity takes place and what influences it.  Understand the input, processes, output model.

How do you plan to improve your own personal performance?  Your company will improve at the rate you improve.  Lead by example.

  • Involve everyone 

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How productive is your work day?

Most business owners would like to run their business in an effective, economical and efficient manner to ensure the greatest return on their investment. However, is your business really as productive as you think it is?

  • How much time are you and your staff using to do what your business is supposed to do?
  • How much time is being wasted on unnecessary tasks, or redoing work because of inadequate training or skills?
  • Is all the work you are doing daily in alignment with your goals?
  • How is your productivity level impacting your profit?

The ideal model for a productive workday is below:

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Asana – a great online organization tool

I love trying new applications to improve productivity, and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Asana was developed to address the frustration of spending too much time doing “work about work.” The founders, Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein, developed this web application to “empower humanity to do great things.” It works wonderfully for both … Read more Asana – a great online organization tool

Delegation and its consequences

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  What is delegation? Delegation is sharing tasks and authority with your team in order to accomplish your goals more quickly and effectively. What happens if you don’t delegate? • Your stress levels increase because you have more work than you can cope with • This leads to unaccomplished tasks on your plate • Your … Read more Delegation and its consequences

How to document your procedures

Documenting routine tasks and activities to systemise your business can be a complete nightmare. I often hear the following from clients:

  • They don’t know where to start
  • They don’t know what to do first
  • They don’t know how to write a procedure
  • They don’t know what to put in the procedure to have others successfully follow it
  • They don’t know how detailed the procedure should be

Here are some crucial aspects to consider including when you are documenting your standard operating procedures. These aspects will have a big impact on your ability to systemise your business quicker, easier, and more successfully.

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5 Tips for Writing Effective Standard Operating Procedures

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  A Standard Operating Procedure is a written instruction that a worker should follow to perform a task effectively.  It communicates who will perform the task, what materials are necessary, where the task will take place, when the task must be performed, and how the person will execute the task. Here are some ideas to … Read more 5 Tips for Writing Effective Standard Operating Procedures

Superior Customer Service System: Your Competitive Advantage

What gives a business the competitive advantage?

The secret is providing top-notch customer service.

When your service is better than the competition, profits keep rolling in.

Think of your experience as a customer.  Have you ever been frustrated with dysfunctional telephone technology that features such customer annoyances like voice mail systems with frustratingly lengthy menu options?  What about the caller-hold features with maddening distorted and loud elevator music punctuated by commercial messages?  And then to add insult to injury, when a real person eventually answers the call, they have little knowledge about the company’s products and no power to solve your problems or fix what is wrong.

How do you provide unfailing top-notch customer service?

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5 Steps to creating effective business systems

What is a system? A system is a way of doing things that helps you achieve a specific result. The diagram above describes what goes into achieving the results you want. The Input is the resources that are available to your employees. The Process refers to how these resources are best utilized to achieve your … Read more 5 Steps to creating effective business systems

Can Your Business Run Without You? Create Freedom by Creating Systems

Most of us use some type of systems on a day-to-day basis. Whether we use our cell phones, daily planners, or email inbox, we have most of our time and day organized. Have you ever thought how valuable systems could be for your business? What if you were away for a week or two? Would … Read more Can Your Business Run Without You? Create Freedom by Creating Systems