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Bitrix24 – A Recommended Business Management Tool For Real Estate

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A real estate client of mine needed a business management tool that would enable her to have a birds-eye view of her business and at the same time help her business grow. I recommended Bitrix24. Bitrix24 is easy to learn and intuitive. Anyone who uses social media like Facebook or Linkedin should have no problems […]

Why I don’t believe in using “hard data” when working with people  


I recently had someone ask me to provide the hard data regarding the reduced learning curve and saved time a standard operating procedure manual can provide for new employees. Mmmm…. When people request hard data on something, they miss out on the big picture. I agree that it would be easy to attach a percentage […]

3 Excuses for not setting up systems


I read a while back that an excuse is just a lie we tell ourselves in order to feel better about not achieving as we should. Creating systems in your business are crucial for survival and success, yet so many of us never get down to getting these into place.  We spin our wheels and […]

How to Achieve Your Goals in The New Year


During a recent survey on successful people it was discovered that one of the main difference between the top achievers and the rest was that those in the top 10% had clearly defined goals.  When the researchers probed deeper they found that the people who were in the very top ranks of the highest achievers […]

How to Get the Best Out of Your Relationship with Your Virtual Assistant


  Previously we look at the 3 Essential Steps to follow before hiring a VA as well as How to ensure you hire the best VA for your business.  This week focuses on starting your working relationship with your virtual assistant. Once you have appointed your Virtual Assistant, it is important to have realistic expectations.  […]

How to make sure that you hire the best Virtual Assistant for your business


  Last week we looked at the 3 essential steps to follow before hiring a virtual assistant. This week’s post is about what to do once you have received responses to your advertisement. Once you have sent out your advertisement or request for proposals, you can start evaluating the responses you get. Beware of responses with […]

3 Essential Steps to Follow Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant


Last week I spoke to several small business owners who were interested in hiring a virtual assistant for their businesses, but did not know how to go about it.  I decided to write a short 3 part series to help them to make the best decisions and to find the best virtual assistant for their […]

5 Ways to Streamline your Business


    Streamlining your business saves money. It saves time. It saves manpower. All it takes is a little time to think about how you are currently doing business and how you can improve on what you are doing. For business owners who are too busy to reinvent the wheel, here are some proven ways […]

Process improvement – NOT!


In the early 20th century someone said:  “Process improvement is the focused application of common sense.” Yesterday I took my son to collect his ID document at the Department of Home Affairs.  We stood for over an hour in a row with only 4 people ahead of us until we were finally helped.  Because I […]

Be more productive: Improve! Improve! Improve!


I love challenging the status quo – not just for the sake of changing things – but because there are always ways to do things better.  Here are some suggestions to improve your business productivity. Start with yourself Take some time away from slaving at your small business.  Step back.  Read. Ponder. Analyze. Plan. Understand […]


Sonja is a VA extraordinaire. Highly professional and polished in her communications and deliverables, she is on the ball with everything – meeting deadlines on time, while checking and clarifying to ensure she’s understood what needs to be done. She’s on time, on budget, and professional. Highly recommended! Kate Quinn, Raw Entrepreneur

Kate Quinn

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